We campaign for 30km/h to become the default speed limit on residential and urban streets in Australia. This can be done on most streets without the need for any physical calming and we accept that on some streets it is appropriate to have a higher speed limit based on the road, vulnerable road users provisions, etc. But any limit above 30km/h should be based on local circumstances.

In February 2020 Global Ministers from 130 countries mandated 30km/h speed limits wherever cyclists or pedestrians mix with motor vehicles with exceptions only where strong evidence exists that higher speeds are safe.

For research see https://www.victoriawalks.org.au/safe_speed/

Inspired by 20splenty.org

Member of CWANZ: Cycling and Walking Australia and New Zealand (CWANZ) is the Australasian lead reference group for walking and bike riding on transport and recreation networks. Members include senior and executive level leaders from all Australian state and territory transport agencies, New Zealand Transport Agency, local government representatives and leading advocacy groups and peak bodies for walking, cycling, health and mobility.

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